The Stafford Lodges and gates

A National Trust Omega sign

The two Stafford Lodges were built later, in 1825, but to the same 1810 design as the Lichfield Lodges. They feature the Anson crest, along with the motto nil desperandum – do not despair.

Like the Lichfield Lodges, we’re refurbishing the inside of the Stafford Lodges, before restoring the exteriors to their original design and decoration. Paint analysis has shown that the Stafford Lodges would have been painted in the same way as the Lichfield Lodges, with greyish-white doors and window frames, so these colours will be restored.

Just like the gates at the Lichfield Lodge, the Stafford Lodge gates on the main drive would have been painted in a grey-black colour without gilding, so will be redecorated to their original design.