Top 5 '50 things' to do at Shugborough Estate

Girl with doll walking across a buttercup field

You can pick up a leaflet at reception that will challenge you to have 50 adventures before you're 11¾. Here at Shugborough, you can try over 30 and these are our top 5 for little explorers.


For more information about all of the adventures you can have, click here.

No 28. Climb a huge hill/ No 2. Roll down a really big hill

Can you make it to the top of Hadrian’s hill? Venture to the top and marvel at the stoic Arch that stands at the top. Read all of the signatures on the graffiti on the arch, and then roll all the way down to the bottom. 

Add certain times of year, we have cows roaming around the hill, so be careful and stay out of the way of any poo piles you might find.

Race to the top of our very big hill
children running by the arch at Shugborough
Race to the top of our very big hill

No 19. Play pooh sticks

We have lots of bridges where you can challenge your family to a game of pooh sticks, head down to the arboretum behind the mansion to the Blue and Chinese Bridge, or journey just down the bridleway to Essex Bridge. Watch out for our wildlife enjoying the water.

Essex Bridge is the perfect spot for some pooh sticks
Essex bridge
Essex Bridge is the perfect spot for some pooh sticks

No 24. Go bare foot

Are you brave enough to take off your shoes and feel the grass beneath your toes? Dance around amongst the flowers down by the river and try and count all of the bluebells swaying in the wind, or walk among the spring blooms in the Walled Garden.

Feel the grass between your toes
A pair of a child's bare feet on the grass
Feel the grass between your toes

No 33. Cloud watching

It might be getting warmer, but the springtime winds mean its the perfect time to look up to the sky and look at the clouds. Lie back by the Mill Pond and see what shapes you can make in the sky.

No 36. Make a home for wildlife

We’ve turned Bugborough, our hibernation station, back into a thriving bug hotel. Head over to our play area, Explorer’s Wood and make a home for some creepy crawlies. You can give this a go at home too or buy specially made home for wildlife in our shops.

See what you can build for our wildlife
Two children bug hunting
See what you can build for our wildlife

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