Winter in the gardens

As you walk towards the mansion, stop to look around you as the gardens will be glowing in the winter sun.


This is the perfect time of the year to see the wonderful specks of white scattered across the parkland. Head over to the tennis courts where you can see the beautiful snowdrops and enjoy the earthy green of the evergreens.

If you venture out to the ornemental bridge you will see a carpet of snowdrops. This is a lovely secluded spot where you can escape the bustling world.

Beautiful sights

Make sure you stroll by the river, as you will see the mist rising with the arboretum glistening in the background. The monuments look regal at this time of year, wrapped with evergreens and red berries. If you’re wrapped up warm, sit by the boathouse and gaze into the reflections in the water, then take a break in the Doric temple that gets rather warm in the sunlight.

Throughout the winter, the team will be carrying out some extensive work to reimagine the views around the gardens.

Preparing for the year ahead

You may think that the walled garden is abandoned during the winter, but this is not the case. The walled garden is a preparation area at this time of year, just how it would have been in the 19th century. We have garlic growing in the beds and our team have been sowing thousands of bulbs ready for the New Year.

Take nothing but pictures

You may have noticed that Shugborough has been getting into the festive spirit, both inside, and outside in the grounds. Veteran gardeners may be aware, but if you don’t have much of a green thumb you might not know how much hard work has gone into these displays. We’re not just talking about the planting and harvesting, but something a bit more serious, biosecurity. 

If you visit us we ask you to please not take any foliage home with you, and support us in our efforts to keep our countryside secure from the spread of serious plant diseases. Because of this we kindly ask you to take nothing but pictures.