Enjoy the harvest

As the evenings become cooler and the leaves turn fiery red, enjoy the last of the summer sun and create memories during the harvest time at Shugborough.

Girl sat on the floor in the leaves

Autumnal fun 

Summer may have come to an end, but the chance for spontaneous days out have not. Come to Shugborough estate to explore harvest time, enjoy seasonal food and tick off your 50 things list.

Chinese house at Shugborough with visitors walking across the bridge

The changing seasons at Shugborough 

Have you ever stopped and looked at the trees around you? Come to Shugborough and witness the seasons change first-hand.

The exposed roots of a tree

Let's get serious about trees

When you enjoy the great outdoors, have you ever wondered about how we take care of the trees that tower above us?

doormouse by an orange leaf

Autumn wildlife

See what's alive outdoors when the weather gets cooler

Harvest time at Shugborough

It's Harvest Time

The estate is busy during the harvest. See what we get up do in the cooler months.

Couple sat on bench

A calm place to pause

We have hundreds of acres of land that you are free to come and explore. While you’re here, why not try and find the ideal spot to hide away from the world and relax.

Picture of Shugborough Mansion and fountain

Shelter from the weather 

What can you discover indoors at Shugborough?

People carrying paper lanterns during a parades at Shugborough

Feel festive this Christmas

Looking forward to the wintery months? Why not plan a visit to Shugborough over Christmas time.