Refurbishing the lodges and gates

Shugborough has five lodges around the boundary of the estate which sit on existing or former routes into and out of the parkland and are often the first thing that visitors to the estate will see. One of the first pieces of work we’ve started is to refurbish the lodges in order to improve them internally, enhance their environmental performance and improve their overall condition.

Forensic analysis of paint layers

Peeling back the paint layers 

We've been forensically analysing paint layers to discover original colours.

Shugborough's Lichfield Lodge

The Lichfield Lodges 

See what's happening at the Lichfield Lodges and gate

A National Trust Omega sign

The Stafford Lodges 

Discover what's happening at the Stafford Lodges and gates

Essex Lodge

The Essex Lodge 

Find out what we're doing at the Essex Lodge