The creators of paradise

The Shugborough you enjoy today has been shaped by inspiring and talented people, who wanted to keep a snapshot of their idea of an Arcadian landscape.

Thomas Anson

Thomas Anson

Whilst his brother George was circumnavigating the world, Thomas was influenced by culture, literature and music to create his perfect paradise.

George Anson

George Anson

Learn about the father of the British Navy.

Ruin at Shugborough

Creating a perfect paradise

Thomas Anson was inspired to make Shugborough his perfect paradise. His first wave of creation erected the monuments you can see to the North West of the mansion.

The Triumphal Arch on the skyline at Shugborough

Continuing the designed landscape

After the death of his brother, Naval Captain George Anson, Thomas started a second wave of transformation.

Image of Thomas Anson II

Thomas Anson II

The great nephew of Thomas and George Anson received Shugborough in 1789 and started a series of renovations turning the estate into what we can enjoy today.

spring in the walled garden

John Webb and the outdoors

This landscaper’s work made Shugborough a highly significant example of agricultural history and landscape design.

Longhorn cows in front of Shugborough Mansion

Samuel Wyatt at Shugborough

Wyatt was the man who created our innovative farm and renovated the mansion into what you can enjoy today.