Inspired by bulbs at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Early morning light in the lime walk at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

The season starts with focusing on that wonderful and versatile group of plants we collectively term as bulbs.

Bulbs have been a key ingredient in the planting at Sissinghurst from day one.

Vita and Harold travelled to places like the Alps and the Middle East and saw sheets of Tulips clothing the hillside, Crocus colonising the scree and Fritillaries carpeting the meadow floor and they wanted to replicate some of this in their garden.

Vita played with building raised stone troughs in which she could grow the small treasures and Harold devoted his life to creating what we call the spring garden – a pleached avenue of limes under-planted with every spring bulb you could imagine, so beautiful was the result that one spring day Vita wrote to Harold whilst he was away working in London saying,

" all your little flowers tore and bit at my heart, how beautiful they are, how I love you so."
- Vita to Harold

Our events celebrate Sissinghurst’s love of bulbs and include walks, writing workshops and culminate in an evening with Anna Pavord author of the Tulip and The Bulb.

Wednesday 13 April - Sunday 15 May