Inspired by roses at Sissinghurst Castle Garden 2017

The Rose Garden in June at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

This article is from 2017. For many centuries people have lived and worked here at Sissinghurst, and with it comes a sense of time past which grows from the soil. These rich layers of history fascinated Vita, and her response to them shaped the creation of the garden we know today.

Today Vita’s name has become shorthand for a certain style of garden and planting, more over her name is also synonymous with a passion for old roses, both in her garden and in her prose.Rose Month at Sissinghurst

" A collection of old roses gives a great and increasing pleasure."
- Vita Sackville-West

Vita’s diaries have abundant references to roses, it is not possible to work out exactly what was grown where, however a list compiled by Jack Vass (Vita’s Head Gardener) identifies a large number of roses (approximately 200) that were present in 1959, in addition other sources suggest a further 100 roses many of which are still present today, but also many that are not.

In late 2013 we began to source and plant many of Vita’s missing roses. Two years later their growth is good, however others still remained to be found. This spring we planted a further 500 roses in the garden at Sissinghurst bringing us close to having Vita’s full collection once again growing at Sissinghurst.

Take a look at some of the events that we have throughout our rose month which include walks, poetry, a writing workshop and an evening with Michael Marriot from David Austin roses.