Late summer colour at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

The south cottage in September

Having seasonal gardens means that we have plenty of colour for the majority of the year, with the late summer being no different.

Vita was a lover of single toned toned gardens which can be seen in the array of garden rooms that we have. The white garden flourishes in the peak garden months of June and July, and while there is still plenty to see in the late summer the real highlight is the cottage garden. 

Warm reds and gold mark out the South Cottage Garden, which is a riot of colour in late summer and autumn.

Against the wall of the South Cottage you can also see the first thing that Vita and Harold planted at Sissinghurst which is the early-summer-flowering rose Mme Alfred Carriere. 

The South Cottage garden filled with fiery yellows and reds
South Cottage Garden at Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent

In the estate there's still plenty to see during the late summer months. A walk down to the lakes is the best place to see the wide mix of wildflowers and wildlife that call Sissinghurst home.