Nature Activities at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

The nature activities area inside the oast house

We've turned the inside of the oast house into a nature play area. Take a look to find out more about the Sissinghurst estate and the great outdoors, there's lots to explore outside the oast as well so be sure to pick up some leaflets to help start your adventure.

What's Inside

Nature pledge

Take up the nature pledge and let us know how you can help do your extra bit for the environment. With climate change becoming ever noticable there really is no time like the present for us to make a positive change in the way we interact with the environment.

Write down your pledge on one of our leaves and add it onto the tree to help inspire us all into making a difference.

A-Z board 

The A-Z flip board gives you a look into some of the flora and fauna that call Sissinghurst home. By looking at the picture on the front see how many you can guess correctly. Take a look under each letter to reveal the answers.

Bark rubbing

Here you can create your own wild art, there're lots of pencils around to draw your favourite animal or insect on the sheets provided. When you've completed your drawing, grab a crayon and place the piece of paper tightly against the bark of one of the logs. Then rub the crayon across the bark to fill in your drawing, a guaranteed way to create a nature masterpiece that will surely be worth displaying on the family fridge.

Bee education

Find out more about these incredible insects and their importance to our outdoors. Did you know that there are several hundred different types of bees in the British Isles, how many different species can you name?

Bees help our gardeners by pollinating flowers
Bees and honeycomb at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire
Bees help our gardeners by pollinating flowers

Recycling Corner

A great way for us to help out the environment is by looking after our household waste. Each year UK house holds generate 30 million tonnes of waste. We've got a few tips for re-using typical house hold items to help cut down on waste.

Reading Corners

Pull up a comfy chair or blanket and read about some of the famous people who have inspired Sissinghurst throughout the generations, or perhaps you'd like to learn more about the local wildlife and what makes our outdoors worth protecting.


Go Exploring

Keep an eye out for the different leaflets, maps and wildlife sheets when you visit the oast house. Help yourself to one or all of these to kick start your exploration through the estate. From 50 things activity booklets to wildlife bingo, bird spotting and dragon fly trails, there should be plenty to keep the family happy while you adventure through the estate.