Rich pickings at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

A view from the bottom of our veg garden

Spring is finally upon us, the warmer days have brought an abundance of life to the vegetable garden. There is blossom on the fruit bushes and direct sown crops are starting to emerge from the warming soil. The asparagus beds are back in action, much to the delight of the restaurant.

As we enter the month May, the risk of frost is slowly diminishing so we will be able to concentrate on planting out into the garden where the beds are primed and ready, and then harvesting a bountiful crop to be used in the restaurant. It was also time to remove the winter salads from the polytunnels, to be replaced by the supports for our summer crops of tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. 


Florence Fennel/ Pak Choi/ Sweet Potato– We are introducing an ‘unusuals bed’ this season, which will give us an opportunity to grow new and different vegetables to the garden.

Plant Out

Leek– We will be planting out our leeks this month. Varieties include F1 Malejko and Porbella.

Aubergine– We are trialing a new variety this season called ‘F1 Farmer’s Long’- which produces long slender fruit.

Tomatoes– The polytunnels will planted up with ‘Tigerella’, as the name suggests, a stripy variety, and yellow-skinned plum ‘Sun Belle’.


Rhubarb –We grow ‘Timperley Early’ in the vegetable garden here at Sissinghurst.

Asparagus– It is the start of the eight week asparagus season. Be sure to buy a bunch of this delicious vegetable from the Plant Shop.