Rich pickings at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

A view from the bottom of our veg garden

As we head into June the vegetable garden has become a hive of activity– sowing, planting out and harvesting fresh produce for the restaurant. The garden has really benefited from the recent combination of warm and wet weather, but unfortunately so have the weeds which seem to be a constant battle which hopefully we are winning.

Our polytunnels are now set up for their summer role with tomato and cucumber supports and plants in place. This year we are trialling melons in the polytunnels. It will be interesting to see how successful we will be. The polytunnels are also  home our more tender plants such as aubergines and sweet peppers, which could struggle in our exposed garden.

Overall it is a very exciting time of year with the garden seeming to change in shape and colour on an almost daily basis.

Plant Out

Winter Squash-  We will be planting out our squashes this month. Varieties include ‘F1 Harlequin’- a prolific cropper with green, gold and yellow striped fruits, ‘Crown Prince’ - which produces a steely blue fruit, and ‘Waltham Butternut’- attractive tan coloured fruit.

Pumpkin– We are growing a number of varieties this season including ‘Racer’- an early-maturing variety, ‘Early King’- a round to slightly tall shaped pumpkin and Atlantic Giant’- as the name suggests, produces giant fruit up to 300kg in weight!


Broad Beans–We will be harvesting our autumn sown crop ‘Aqualuce’, and they will be available to buy in the Plant Shop.

Garlic-It is traditional to harvest garlic on the longest day. This year we have been growing ‘Elephant’ - larger, yet milder than regular varieties.

Berries– June brings the start of the summer fruits, with our gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries being picked daily for the restaurant.

Plant Sales– Available to Buy This Month

Plants which are available to buy this month include , Brassicas, Courgettes, Sweetcorn, French Beans, Squashes and Pumpkins. Along with  our new veg packs—Container, Kids and Grow Your Own Christmas Dinner.