Roses in the plant shop at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Roses on display in our plant shop

Roses are a joy for many in gardens across the country at this time of year. Vita was no exception when it came to the lure of the rose and wrote extensively about them over the years.

One of particular interest was Souvenir du Docteur Jamain, an old hybrid perpetual, which she rescued.  The story in Vitas words is as follows

" I found him growing against the office wall of an old nursery. No one knew what he was; no one seemed to care; no one knew his name; no one had troubled to propagate him. Could I dig him up I asked? Well, if you like to risk it, they said shrugging their shoulders; it’s a very old plant."
- Vita Sackville-West

From that point Docteur Jamain flourished in Vita and Harold’s garden and as a result it was shared with local nurseries for propagation, thereby ensuring its survival for future generations.  You can find it the rose garden here today and if you are tempted, visit our Plant Shop where you can purchase it and many other roses to delight you for years to come. Or if you want to learn more about roses come and browse our selection of books in the main shop.