Behind the scenes at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

There is always a lot going on behind the scenes at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes at Sissinghurst. From work on the estate, upkeep of the gardens to conservation tasks in the castle itself, we’re always busy making sure that we preserve and care for Sissinghurst.



Produce a plenty

Two staff and 15 volunteers tend the no-dig raised bed in our vegetable garden, producing organically-managed fruit and vegetables for our restaurant and for sale in our plant shop. Be sure to stop by when you visit to see what's for sale.

On the estate

Lead Ranger Peter and his team look after the countryside surrounding the garden. Our three rangers work the 140 acre estate at Sissinghurst. They follow the seasons and the rituals of the land, ensuring that they are caring for it as nature intended.They maintain wildlife habitats, looks after lakes, coppice woodland and keep the site looking great all year round.

Moth watch

Our staff and volunteer, Steve Broyd, have been surveying moths on the Sissinghurst Castle estate over the past five years. Some species that are in decline nationally have a home and thrive here, it's an early morning's work but there's nothing better than finding a new species.

Bird spotting

Alan Pavey, our volunteer bird enthusiast, spotted hundreds of species across the estate each year. A list of new sightings is displayed in the Elizabethan barn. Visit our bird hide on the path along the bottom of the veg plot and see how many you can spot too.  


Alan also writes a blog which you can read here

Building bridges

Peter Dear, our lead ranger, is busy all year round mending bridges, coppicing, ditch clearing and hedge laying. To help him, Peter formed the Thursday Action Group. Made up of volunteers and two members of our staff, Paul Freshwater and Freya Prince.

The Thursday Action Group

The Thursday Action Group, TAG for short, are a team of volunteers who work with the Peter and his team helping to maintain the estate. They enjoy being out in the fresh air with good company and getting muddy for a good cause (and the odd bit of cake).


Inside the walls

Our house steward makes sure that everything well looked after in the library and Vita's writing room. They work with a team of conservation staff and volunteers to look after the contents of these fascinating rooms.