Easter at Stoneywell

Children having fun at Easter

At spring Stoneywell’s gardens come into a world of their own: over 150 species of rhododendrons bring a rainbow of colour and thousands of daffodils cover the ground in a carpet of gold. Discover the tranquillity of the gardens and woodland and join us for family fun this Easter.

There's loads going on at Stoneywell this Easter, from a brand new egg hunt to some fun activites for the whole family to get outdoors and closer to nature.

Friday 25th - Monday 28th March

Stoneywell hosts its first ever Easter egg hunt and needs your help! Bunny has stashed his collection all around the grounds. Crack the cluse to find them and you'll win a Cadbury's chocolate treat. £2 a trail.

Tuesday 29th March - Sunday 10th April

Spend the rest of your school holidays with us, and check off some activities from the list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾’ including flying a kite and discovering what's in a pond. New for Easter, have a go at growing your own quirky cress head for the 'Plant it, grow it, eat it' activity - take it home with you and watch its hair grow!

A host of golden daffodils

As well as these activities, Easter at Stoneywell is a great time to come and unwind in the garden and woodland. Discover a myriad of spring flowers -  not least the host of golden daffodils that cover the four acres of garden. In the early 1900s Sydney Gimson had two varieties of daffodil planted here which, in the following century, have been able to seed and multiply in the rough grass, forming a vast yellow carpet of many thousands of flowers.

And if you're venturing through the hidden paths in the heather or through the oak trees of Stoneywell Woods, keep an eye out for a carved lizard and an abundance of creatures great and small as they return from hibernation.

Families play tradition garden games at Stoneywell

What's on 

From brand new family trails to an Arts and Crafts themed workshop, there's always something exciting going on at Stoneywell.