Keeping the home fires burning

The sitting room at Stoneywell with the inglenook fire aglow

The fireplace in the sitting room has taken many forms over the years but, when the National Trust acquired Stoneywell in 2012, a project team was able to restore it to the inglenook you see today.

The inglenook fire in the sitting room at Stoneywell formed a focus point for the family, providing warmth in the cooler months until central heating was installed in 1969.

When it was first constructed the inglenook fire smoked badly, perhaps because of the cottage's position against the bank. To overcome this problem fire-block stiles were fitted. These were later removed and replaced by a woodburning stove, which today sits in the dining room.

Recently, the National Trust rediscovered these fire-blocks outside being used as the base of the woodstore, and refitted them in the fireplace.

Watch our short video to see the fireplace reinstated in the sitting room, having laid hidden in the grounds for many years.