May Half Term

A young girl exploring the serving hatch into the sitting room at Stoneywell, Leicestershire

Get out and about at Stoneywell by completing some of the 50 things to before you're 11 3/4 activities. It's a great chance for children to play and explore the environment as they tick activities off in their scrapbooks.

Come along and explore the gardens and woodlands at Stoneywell this half term, whatever the weather there’s something to do – you could be learning new skills and trying new things as you tick off more of the 50 Things to do before you’re 11 3/4 or pretending to be a pirate on the Peter Duck garden trail, or maybe you’ll have the most fun by taking part in craft activities in the stables – whichever you fancy there are lots of options here at Stoneywell.

A family explore the stone fort in the garden of Stoneywell, Leicestershire

Peter Duck - inspired by a novel by Arthur Ransome, the trail involves solving clues around the garden and woodland. In the story of ‘Peter Duck’ the Swallows and Amazons children sail to Crab Island with Peter Duck, an old sailor, to recover buried treasure. As you’re exploring the gardens pretend to be a pirate yourself and even create your own treasure map too! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the book in Olympus!

Explore the cottage on a personalised tour
A school group find out more about the oak dining table at Stoneywell, Leicestershire
Explore the cottage on a personalised tour

Just a few of the 50 Things you can definitely do at Stoneywell;

-    Make a trail with sticks
-    Create some wild art
-    Go on a walk barefoot
-    Hunt for bugs
-    Discover what’s in a pond
-    Go bird watching

Stoneywell Woods offers a half an hour walk of exploration
Off to explore the woods at Stoneywell, Leicestershire
Stoneywell Woods offers a half an hour walk of exploration

Once you’ve done them don’t forget to pop back to the Stables and get a sticker for your scrapbook!