Stables team

Volunteer shuttlebus driver is checking off names on the booking list.

There are so many ways to get involved at Stoneywell, whether you've got lots of time or a little. The Stables team are the first to greet visitors and the last to see them when their visit ends. Volunteering is a great opportunity to try your hand at something different and have great fun along the way.

Driver - provide a shuttle service for visitors between the car park and the cottage, a distance of about 500 meters. All visitors use the shuttle service as the lane is not suitable for pedestrians. Drivers also give visitors a warm welcome, setting the scene for the visit. 
Driver Role Profile (PDF / 0.0380859375MB) download
Meet & Greet - provide a warm welcome for all visitors, answer any immediate questions, help them to orientate themselves and generally give them the information they need to ensure they have a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable visit.
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Guidebook & Raffle Ticket Sales - our sales team are great at encouraging visitors to help, which boosts our funds so we can do more good work, and deliver more projects at Stoneywell.
Raffle Ticket Guidebook Sales Role Profile (PDF / 0.0390625MB) download
Membership Recruitment - roll out the red carpet!  We need to give a warm welcome, as well as any important information about membership and our recruiters are on hand to talk about this. Helping us hit membership targets is important too - that way we can keep looking after special places like Stoneywell!
Membership Recruiter Role Profile (PDF / 0.0380859375MB) download
Tea Room Assistants - provide a warm and inviting experience, from welcoming visitors to assisting with food preparation and serving and clearing food and drink in a prompt, efficient and pleasant manner. The tea room at Stoneywell is situated in the stable yard area and serves a range of light refreshments, including hot and cold drinks, soup, sandwiches and freshly baked cakes!
Tea Room Assistant Role Profile (PDF / 0.0380859375MB) download
Leaning Assistant (Nature) - inspire the next generation of enthusiasts! Learning Assistant Volunteers will work in tandem with both the Garden Team and House Team to help children take part in practical tasks that will reinforce their enjoyment of visiting the property.
Learning Assistant ( Nature) Role Profile (PDF / 0.0380859375MB) download