50 things at Stoneywell

With its winding paths, a wooden lizard hidden in the trees and a swing hanging from a tree, the gardens at Stoneywell have provided the backdrop for excitement and adventure for generations. Today, check off some of the National Trust's list of '50 things to do before you're 11¾', and have fun outdoors in the process!

A pale tussock moth caterpillar

From hunting for bugs and bird watching to making a trail with sticks, you can tick off many of the '50 things' at Stoneywell. You can also catch a fallen leaf from one of the many oak trees in the woods, discover what's in a pond (or, rather, the plunge pool) and try rock climbing up to the fort.

A young family flying a kite in the garden at Stoneywell

Have fun with 50 things whatever the weather - come to Stoneywell to run around in the rain, fly a kite or, when the weather's nice, go on a walk barefoot across the grass.

Two boys at a table with leaves, rocks and pens

We've got some special 50 things activities during the school holidays - in May, find your way with a map and compass in a brand new trail and feel the grass through your toes on a barefoot walk of the tennis court.