'Caprice' an exhibition

A view of 'Caprice' through the doors of the Temple of Flora

Artist Anouk Mercier has launched her artwork 'Caprice' at Stourhead, following a year long project.

Anouk’s piece ‘Caprice featuring Temples, Pantheons, Pyramids, Columns, and Other Architectural Fragments arranged around a Viridian Lake (After the Stourhead Collection)’ is on display in the Temple of Flora from 1 September–25 November 2018 and is a part of the Trust New Art programme, celebrating contemporary art inspired by the National Trust’s special places.

Alan and Anouk discuss the living work of art that is Stourhead
Anouk and Head Gardener Alan Power discuss the relationship between the house and garden
Alan and Anouk discuss the living work of art that is Stourhead

Anouk has combined traditional and contemporary printing techniques to create a large scale, 3m by 4.20m, textile artwork referencing both tapestries and theatre backdrops. She researched Stourhead’s history and collection, pulling out 47 prints, drawings and paintings, which were collected by the Hoare family. She then reassembled hundreds of fragments of these digitally, combining them with pastel-coloured clouds and surreal horizons to create a fictional, ‘collaged’ mise-en-scene.

Anouk remembers her first experience of the visitor journey that begins at the house, working down into the garden and magnificent views across the lake: “I was fascinated and overwhelmed by the experience of ambling through a series of carefully curated scenes, becoming a diminutive character within a greater narrative, similar to those observed in the landscape paintings within the house.”

On Anouk’s style Emily MacCormack, House and Collections Manager said “From the first, we loved Anouk’s work because it captures the majestic and dreamlike qualities that landscapes like Stourhead hold,”

She continues, “Also the relationship between nature and architecture is one of the creative principles Stourhead was built upon and we’re excited to see a new piece of art inspired by that idea.”

Artist Anouk Mercier who is working with Stourhead throughout 2018

This is the first year of a 3-year contemporary arts programme, exploring Stourhead as a ‘living work of art’, its story and the genius of its creation and stewardship over the centuries will continue to inspire new art, provoke questions and enhance emotional connections time and time again. It is part of ‘Trust New Art’, National Trust’s programme of contemporary arts inspired by the places we look after.

To see some of Anouk Mercier’s work visit www.anoukmercier.com

‘Caprice’ will be on show from 1 September – 25 November in the Temple of Flora at Stourhead. To see the piece and experience other activities at Stourhead, visit: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/stourhead