The autumn display

A view across the lake at Stourhead in autumn

Stourhead is one of the world’s finest landscape gardens and in autumn you can see vistas highlighted with burnished leaves and rusty colour palettes. This autumn the garden is open to pre-booked visitors, with a waymarked, one-way route with clear signage to follow, to allow for social distancing.

Exploring the garden

With a lake at its centre, the garden is planned with temples and follies and a planting scheme which allows the colours to wash through the landscape of a 6-8 week period.

Though autumn never keeps to the same schedule, towards the end of August the North American maples have begun to turn a scarlet red, signifying the start of the autumn season. Around this time the Japanese acers, hornbeam, chestnuts, also start their vivid display. A little later in autumn the Tulip trees take on a yellow hue while the oak and beech finish off the season with their bright oranges late in October.

Throughout autumn the garden draws in thousands of people to enjoy the spectacular display of colour, and to help keep you updated our garden team, records a weekly leaf line with what the garden is looking like that week.  


Visiting this autumn

The best way to see autumn at Stourhead is to come a few times and see the season progress. It’s a gradual change with different species of tree changing throughout autumn, and so there isn’t one specific moment which is the perfect time to visit.

Please book ahead before visiting 

The landscape garden, shop, restaurant and house at Stourhead are open. You’ll need to book tickets online or by calling 0344 249 1895. Members can book for free, while non-members will need to pay when booking. We'll be releasing tickets every Friday. Please note we’ll be turning people away who arrive and haven't booked.

Dogs are welcome on the lead

Walking your dog at Stourhead

We have special doggy opening hours so make sure your pet pooch doesn't miss out on all the fun. Dogs on short leads are welcome in the garden after 2pm until 31 October, then all day until March 2021.

The Temple of Apollo reflected in the lake at Stourhead, Wiltshire

The world-famous garden at Stourhead

Perhaps the most beautiful and magical of all of the great 18th-century landscape gardens. A tranquil place to sit, relax and immerse yourself in 300 years of history.

Explore beyond the garden