50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at The Firs

two girls making a daisy chain

You can take part in 8 of the 50 things activities at The Firs and the Visitor Centre is a great place to begin with free scrapbooks, stickers and wall charts to get you started.

9. Eat an apple straight from a tree – autumn

There are more than 700 different types of apple in the UK.  What is the name of the one you picked?  Make sure you have permission before you pick it.  The ripest apples are on the ends of the branches furthest from the trunk.

Eat an apple straight from the tree
child selecting an apple
Eat an apple straight from the tree

11. Go on a really long bike ride – all year

You will need a bike in good working order; a bike helmet and a grown up to accompany you.  Take a map with you so you know where you are going.

12. Make a trail with sticks – all year

Use sticks as arrows and mark a path through the woods.  You will need lots of straight sticks to lay on the ground in the shape of arrows.  Make the trail really good fun by going over logs or round a tree.

16. Make a daisy chain – summer

Try to find daisies with long, thick stems to use to make your chain.  They will be easier to make holes in and less likely to break.  Daisies don't mind being picked because it encourages them to grow more flowers.

Make a daisy chain
two girls making a daisy chain
Make a daisy chain

25. Make a grass trumpet – all year

Blow into a blade of grass.  For the loudest squeak, make a hole in the grass with your fingernail and then put the grass right in between your thumbs and press your lips firmly together before you blow.

31. Hunt for bugs – all year

You will need a bucket or a tub, a net to scoop them out of the water, a grown up to supervise you, a stick to dig in the earth.  What can you find around The Firs?  Draw a picture of what you find.

33. Catch a falling leaf – autumn

Leaves start to fall off trees in autumn, so it's the best time of the year to try catching them.  If it's a windy day, stand so the wind blows into you - it will help bring the leaves towards you.

Catch a falling leaf
young girl with a leaf on her nose
Catch a falling leaf

44. Go bird watching –all year

You will need to find a good spot where birds frequently fly to search for food, if there are any bird feeders around that is a good place.  Take a pair of binoculars if you have them.  Don’t forget to stay quiet to avoid frightening the birds.


General advice for parents

Children matter to the National Trust, so we recommend that all of our activities are supervised by an adult. We trust that you will make your own judgement about what is safe and suitable for the age and ability of your child.

For messy activities, activities with animals or natural water sources:

Make sure any cuts or wounds are covered with waterproof plasters to avoid infection

Discourage your child from putting anything in his or her mouth

Wash your child's hands thoroughly afterwards

If you're doing activities outside:

Make sure your child wears warm, weather resistant clothing during any activities involving water or snow

Make sure your child wears suitable footwear for any activities that may involve slippery or uneven surfaces

Check weather reports before any activity and avoid trees or natural water sources in wet or windy conditions

Supervise children at all times during these activities