Exhibitions at The Firs

items on display in the Elgar study exhbition

What can you expect to see at The Firs: Elgar's birthplace.

‘All you need to write a symphony’ in the Visitor Centre

Elgar's Study

We have converted a room in the visitor centre, previously used as office space, into a new exhibition space.  Central to the exhibition is Elgar’s desk and chair which were previously in Craeg Lea in Malvern together with all the tools he would require to compose and publish a symphony.

Elgar bought this desk in a second-hand shop in London in 1889, the same year that he married Alice Roberts.

Also exhibited will be examples of Elgar’s manuscripts and his writing implements.

Elgar at his desk in Craeg Lea
elgar at his desk in Craeg Lea

The Rotunda

The Rotunda in the visitor centre houses a narrative of Elgar’s life from his birth in 1857 to his death in 1934.  You will experience our exhibition of photographs, videos and interactive displays interspersed with actual artefacts.

Exhibition in the rotunda
display cabinets in the rotunda display area

The Birthplace Cottage

The first room you will experience as you enter the cottage has been dressed as an imagined replication of the cottage as it would have been in 1857. 

The cottage in 1857
The fireplace in the cottage

The next stage of your visit will take through the birth of the museum introducing you to Elgar’s family.  The rest of the cottage is a replication of the museum as Carice Elgar Blake imagined it including the room in which Edward Elgar was born together with many artefacts from his life.