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Richard Westwood-Brookes Elgar Insights

Insights into Elgar. Get to know a little bit more about Elgar and discover music which you may have never heard before with our weekly talks.

Explore what Elgar was really like -  examine the many myths and legends which surround him and find out if any of them were true. Was he really the establishment figure he’s often believed to be? Or was he a complex, passionate man who’s rightfully considered one of the greatest composers of all time.

These entertaining 20 minute talks explore the mysteries of the man and his music. 
‘What was the famous 'Enigma'?’ ‘Did he really write 'Land of Hope and Glory'?’
 ‘Who was 'Nimrod' ?’ ‘Did Elgar really top the bill in the music halls.’
These are some of the topics explored - and you may find there's some real surprises. 

In addition we have a special one off performance on Sunday 21 July called  Classical Music? Yer Avin a Laff Aint ya!

" Many people think that classical music is not for them. It's boring, dull, long winded, and anyway it's only for the Toffs and Pseuds. Well, I am out to prove all that's wrong. Classical music is exciting, enjoyable and what's more for everyone!"
- Richard Westwood- Brookes

Join Richard for an hour of anecdotes and music in which he will speak of his time as a rock 'n' roll journalist meeting and interviewing many of the legendary names of rock and pop, while at the same exploring his passion for classical music - and playing examples of pieces which he's sure you will enjoy.

An entertaining hour of music and talk - with some surprises no doubt on the way. So don't be afraid to join in - Richard is sure you'll enjoy it!

Richard Westwood-Brookes outside The Firs
Richard Westwood-Brookes outside The Firs
Richard Westwood-Brookes outside The Firs

Your guide is author and journalist Richard Westwood-Brookes, who has been a self-confessed ‘Elgar Nutcase’ for more than 60 years. Richard first visited The Firs in 1957 when he dragged his parents along to visit the museum, and since that time has built up one of the largest private collections of Elgar letters and manuscripts. He was also involved in the reconstruction of Elgar’s unfinished Third Symphony, as well as other projects including unveiling the plaque at Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Molineux Stadium which recognises Elgar’s love of the club.

He’s written many articles about Elgar in journals around the world, including the BBC Music Magazine and is currently working on a biography which is due to come out next year.

‘When I heard that the National Trust were involved in The Firs I was very eager to get involved and to devote as much time as I could,’ Richard recalls. ‘The Trust have done a wonderful job in introducing Elgar to a much wider public than ever before, and I’m delighted to be a regular volunteer and to be involved in what they are doing.’

‘The talks I give at The Firs are light hearted and entertaining, but also provide insights and information about Elgar and his music that many people might not know.’

Visitors can join Richard’s talks on most Sundays throughout the year. The two talks take place at 12 noon and 2.15pm. Talks are free but normal admission applies.  

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