Corrine Frost Principal Cellist

Governor of Elgar school of music

Corrine Frost - Governor of Elgar school of music

Corinne fell in love with the cello when her Mum took her to an orchestral concert at the age of three. At five years old lessons began on an eighth size cello. At age 17 Corinne won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. After graduation, Corinne studied with Pierre Fournier, having been awarded scholarships from the Royal Society of Arts and the Countess of Munster Musical Trust.

Corinne is Co-Principal Cellist of the English Symphony/String Orchestra

Corinne’s early career included recitals at the Wigmore Hall, Purcell Room and Manchester Midday Series. In 1979 Corinne joined the Philharmonia Orchestra and over the course of nine years worked with some eminent conductors and travelled extensively.

Corinne is Co-Principal Cellist of the English Symphony/String Orchestra, an Associate Member of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) and Musical Director of Volante Strings. She performs solo recitals and plays in duos with Janine Smith (piano) and Stephen Warner (double bass/classical guitar) called ‘Downside Up’

Corinne enjoys teaching and coaching and is a governor of the Elgar School of Music in Worcester. She specialises in problem solving, technical issues, posture-related problems and improvisation.

Corinne is passionate about bringing live music to people in Care Homes and Hospices, and initiated the ESO Care Homes & Hospices programme in 2007. She includes improvisations in her recitals, visits to care homes and at weddings and funerals. She enjoys playing with Epiphany, a group of classical musicians who specialise in improvisation.

Corrine Frost principal cellist
Corrine frost playing her cello at Croome
Corrine Frost principal cellist