The Vyne

Explore a former Tudor powerhouse turned 17th-century family home, set in gardens, woodlands and wetlands.

The Vyne

What's on

From October: Discover The Vyne’s treasures

As we shed light on 125 treasured items across the UK in our care, from October, you can see a handful of these at The Vyne. You can gaze up at jewel-like Tudor stained-glass windows and examine the intricate detail on Lattimo plates hand painted with 18th-century Venetian scenes. You can set eyes on an Ancient Roman ring whose multifaith engravings hint at a multicultural society and a Tudor roundel that emulates the style and grandeur of the ancient world. For the first time ever at The Vyne, you can also see the sketches artist Stanley Spencer used to mastermind his renowned murals housed at Sandham Memorial Chapel near Burghclere.

Upcoming events

Autumn garden trail

Tue 26 Oct 2021
On this sensory journey through a Hampshire hidden gem, adventurers of all ages can connect with the outdoors. Nature-thirsty eyes can drink in the sight of an autumnal landscape flecked with copper leaves.

Treasures house trail

Tue 26 Oct 2021
Young imaginations can ignite while hunting for a treasure-trove of curiosities on the ground floor of this family home.

125 Treasures display

Sun 31 Oct 2021
As we shed light on 125 treasured items across the UK in our care, you can see a handful of these at The Vyne. Enjoy stained glass windows, Lattimo plates, an Ancient Roman ring, a Tudor roundel and sketches by Stanley Spencer.

Halloween bat trail

Mon 01 Nov 2021
From Friday 22 October to Monday 1 November, 10am-4pm. As you explore the gardens, keep your eyes peeled for 10 signs featuring cartoon bats imaginatively dressed up. Afterwards you can collect a prize.

People of the Past Trail

Sun 02 Jan 2022
Daily from Saturday 27 November to Sunday 2 January, 11am-3pm. With the house lavishly decorated for a Victorian Christmas, learn about intriguing characters who have called The Vyne their home...

Woodland animal house trail

Sun 02 Jan 2022
The magic of Percy the Park Keeper continues inside the house lavishly decorated for a Victorian Christmas. On a lap of the ground floor, see if you can spot seven miniature animal toys hiding in the displays.
The Vyne

Things to see and do

A young child holds an autumn leaf next to their family

Visiting The Vyne with your family 

With a fistful of family trails in hand, not to mention The Vyne’s ever popular Adventure Passport, there’s plenty to keep young minds engaged at the site of this 17th-century family home. A Halloween bat trail will run through the gardens daily from 22 October to 1 November 10am-4pm. This includes a £2 trail sheet and prize. You’re welcome to bring picnics into the gardens or treat yourselves in the Brewhouse tea-room. The shop will also be open for leisurely browsing.

The staircase hall at The Vyne

Exploring the house at The Vyne 

An astute Tudor courtier, an Elizabethan rebel, a Civil War Royalist, a Speaker for the House of Commons, a domineering matriarch and a flamboyant dandy are just some of the intriguing characters who have called The Vyne their home. Open daily 11am-3pm, you can step over the threshold of this hidden gem and take in collection highlights including vibrant 16th-century stained glass windows, an ornate casket beset with semi-precious stones, a collection of hand painted lattimo glass plates from Venice and a Tudor roundel that emulates the style and grandeur of the ancient world on a one-way lap of the ground floor.

The Vyne

Eating and shopping

A picture of the servery in the Brewhouse tearoom at The Vyne.

Eating at The Vyne in autumn 

When you need refreshment, come into the Brewhouse tea-room for homemade cakes and cream teas. You can indulge safe in the knowledge that every sip and every nibble supports conservation efforts at The Vyne.

A jug of leaves sits beside autumnal dry goods

Shopping at The Vyne this autumn 

Clustered together alongside the mansion and tea-room, this former coach-house is filled with accessories, home and kitchenware, a selection of food and beverage gifts, non-fiction books, kids pocket-size goodies and calendars and cards. Whether you’re looking to treat someone, or simply find yourself ushered inside during a sudden downpour, you’ll find a friendly face and immaculately presented displays for you to browse.

Our bookshop volunteers pick out their favourite reads.

Our volunteers recommend their favourite books and authors 

We asked our bookshop volunteers to recommend their favourite book or author. Keen readers, they all agree that getting lost in a good book is one of life’s joys, and one of the reasons why they volunteer at The Vyne. 

The Vyne


The Vyne

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Go behind the scenes

Delve into the fascinating history of The Vyne – a former Tudor palace visited by King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Learn about the site's transformation into the family home of lawyer and politician John Chaloner Chute. Discover hidden paintings in a gap in the wall and find out how the attic is protected from evil spirits, plus much more.

A view of the lake in summer at The Vyne.

Renewable energy project at The Vyne 

As part of the National Trust Renewable Energy Investment Programme, The Vyne has installed a water-source heat pump in the lake. In this article, you can find out how this has provided reliable and energy-efficient heating to the house and Brewhouse tea-room.