50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ at The Vyne

Visitors in the bird hide at The Vyne

If you’ve got your checklist at the ready, here are our 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ activities you can enjoy at The Vyne. Grown-ups are welcome to join in if they promise to have fun.


Self-led 50 things activities:

Find a geocache
With the right app, you can hunt for geocaches on your visit. There are two apps available for IPhone and Android. Download either to get started.
Alternatively, ask at reception for one of our orienteering courses. These come in two levels; easy or hard.
Build a den
To get in touch with your wild side, you can build your very own den in the woods. If there are a few of you, try doing a den building competition.
Play pooh sticks
The best bridge for pooh sticks is just past our reception kiosk, on the left. Make sure your sticks are evenly sized and that everybody starts at the same time! 
Go bird watching
If you’re quiet enough you should spot some amazing bird life from our purpose-built bird hide.
Track wild animals
Don’t forget to bring your walking boots for a healthy amble around Morgaston Woods. Keep your eyes peeled for animal tracks – foxes, badgers and deer often pass through this natural habitat. 
Hunt for bugs
There are all sorts of places at The Vyne where you can spot creepy crawlies. Try looking under stones in the woods, or peering into the foliage on your way to the bird hide.
Get to know a tree
Bring paper and a crayon and get ready to capture a tree rubbing. All you have to do is go up to a tree, put the paper up against the tree trunk and start colouring in the paper with the crayon. The pattern of the bark should show through on the paper.