Bluebells at The Vyne

Bluebells flourish in Morgaston Woods.

From mid-April, you can lose yourself amongst these enchanting blooms and become a part of their survival story. Deep in Morgaston Woods, a network of paths weave through the swathes of hazy blue that carpet the woodland floor.

Enjoy a bluebell walk in The Vyne woodland. The 1.3 mile trail takes about one hour to complete, with the main crop of bluebells 40 minutes into the walk. The bluebell woods are just a five minute walk from our car park and garden. Starting at visitor reception next to the car park, follow the path ahead to the woods. The route is suitable for all-terrain buggies but not for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. It’s probably a bit too long for pre-schoolers.

With the right knowledge, everyone who flocks to see the bluebells can help to secure their survival. If they are crushed underfoot they die and don’t regrow. But by keeping to the paths you can help us protect these fragile native bluebells.

Downloadable trail:

Explore ancient woodlands following this online trail.
Walking trail

Spring walks at The Vyne  

Walking boots at the ready, it's time to experience The Vyne's woods in spring. Uncover forgotten traces of history by following this easy circular route before heading on to our Brewhouse tea-room for a bite to eat.

Securing the perfect snapshot:

Close up of a bluebell

Six top tips for photographing bluebells 

Bluebells are not the easiest subject to photograph. Dappled light leads to contrast and colour issues and there's the practical aspect of trying not to damage the very thing you're celebrating. Photographer Hugh Mothersole has top tips for phone snappers and professionals alike.


Becoming part of a survival story:

Chiltern Bluebells

How we look after our bluebells 

We're one of the most important organisations in the UK for bluebell conservation. A quarter of our woodland is ancient or semi-natural which is an ideal habitat for bluebells.