May half-term at The Vyne

Two children looking for wildlife in fallen tree trun

This May half-term at The Vyne, all ages can enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor adventures. Out in the fresh air, families can dive into Geocaching: The lost toys, the Victorian Children’s Trail and the Young Environmentalist Award. In the house, become a bug-crime detective on the Pesky pest trail or cast yourselves back into the 19th Century in Dress like a Victorian.

Dress like a Victorian at The Vyne.

Dress like a Victorian

How would you have looked if you had been alive during the Victorian period? In the house, peruse our costume rail and pick yourself a Victorian outfit to try on.

Visitors in the bird hide at The Vyne

50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ at The Vyne

From bird watching to geocaching to the all-important game of pooh sticks, The Vyne is the perfect place to try some of our 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾.

Can you solve the mystery about creepy-crawlies munching on The Vyne's historic collection?

Pesky pest trail

Something has been guzzling away at a piece of historic wallpaper at The Vyne. On this creepy-crawly challenge, use what you learn about bugs to work out which one did it.

Explorers of all ages can look out for William Wiggett Chute's ten children on the Victorian children's trail.

Victorian children's trail

On this family trail through the gardens, see if you can find ten Victorian children that used to live at The Vyne.

A young visitor roams the summerhouse garden at The Vyne

Young Environmentalist Award

Through a series of outdoor activities, families can learn about and look after nature. Among other tasks, measure bug biodiversity, see how camouflage works and map the audible landscape of The Vyne.

A picture of a family finding a geocache

Geocaching: The lost toys

William Wiggett Chute’s children have been playing in the woods. Unfortunately, these young Victorian adventurers have managed to lose four of their toys along the way. Can you help the children find them again?

Key information for families

Toilets and baby changing
If you find yourself making a hasty dash, child in tow to the loo, you’ll find baby changing facilities and toilets in a block on the left, just after visitor reception, and also by our Brewhouse tea-room.

Access for pushchairs
You can get round the gardens on wide, hard gravel pathways. Do bear in mind that walkways through the woodland, wetland and parkland can be muddy. In some parts of the woodland, tree roots come across the path.

As the Brewhouse tearoom is rather snug, you’ll need to leave buggies and pushchairs outside. 

In the house, we can provide slings so you can carry your child. Pushchairs need to be left outside and items are left at your own risk.

Picnic areas
On dry sunny days, the best place to picnic is on our north lawn by the lake. We’ve also got benches between the north lawn and the bird hide, and dotted around the site.

Food for children
Our Brewhouse tea-room has childrens’ lunch boxes containing sandwiches, wraps, small vegetable bags, fruit, mini cheeses and cartons of drink. 

If you need to warm up milk, a microwave is available in the ground floor seating area of the Brewhouse.

Play area
Adventurers under the age of 10 can explore the Hidden Realm behind the shop.

Although the house, shop, tea-room and children’s play areas are just for humans and guide dogs there are plenty of walks for you and your canine companion to do together. 

So that everyone can enjoy their visit to The Vyne, we ask that you please keep your dog on the lead at all times and use the bins provided.

Useful to know

Ball games, Frisbees, scooters, bikes and drones
Unfortunately ball games, Frisbees, bikes, scooters and drones are not allowed on the estate. This is to prevent further damage to the house and grounds.