Thanks for visiting: Rooftop walkway closes

Open daily since 13 March 2017, our much-loved walkway which has delighted thousands of visitors has now closed so that some of the works can be completed before the scaffolding comes down. This has been a truly unique time to be at The Vyne. To everyone who has been with us on the walkway and supported the project, we give our heartfelt thanks for helping us rescue The Vyne for ever, for everyone.

This article was about The Vyne’s rooftop walkway which gave over 140,000 visitors the exclusive chance to watch a £5.4m roof conservation project as it took place from March 2017 to February 2018. The walkway has now closed and the house is to re-emerge from under 41 miles of scaffolding by the summer of 2018.

Below, timelapse footage shows the roof struts of the scaffolding being lifted into place in February 2017. The second timelapse video shows the Tudor chapel roof being stripped after ecologists confirmed that a maternity roost of bats had moved on from September 2017. The third timelapse video shows tiles being fitted onto the Tudor Oak Gallery roof in May 2017. For more videos, check out our YouTube channel.