The house at The Vyne

An intimate family home undergoing a major roof project, the history of The Vyne spans the centuries. You can lose yourself at the site visited by Tudor monarchs and discover a chapel whose stained glass windows are of national importance.

Step inside and explore each room of the ground floor to discover intriguing stories about The Vyne's former residents and find out about our exciting roof project from our friendly and well-informed Room Guides.  

Entering the house through the portico, you’ll get a closer look at some of the curious items inside. Delving into The Vyne’s once palatial past, you can learn about the visit of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in October 1535.

Visitors can also find out about the dedication of The Vyne’s Victorian owner William Wiggett Chute. The Trust is following in his footsteps today. For more information about the new layout, please read the article below. 

A picture of the stone gallery during The Vyne roof project.

New immersive experience reveals untold stories

From new displays, previously untold stories, and Tudor royal visits, read on to find out about the new ground floor layout.

Get to grips with The Vyne's history before you come. The highlights of The Vyne's history are included in the article below.

A print from the Strawberry Parlour at The Vyne, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Brief history of the house at The Vyne

From playing host to Tudor royal visitors to sheltering Second World War evacuees, The Vyne has a diverse history. Our guidebook 'The Vyne' has all you need to know on The Vyne's history, but here's a quick overview.

Visiting the house
For safety reasons, visitor access is to the ground floor only as we carry out a major roof project.   

Timed tickets

Each ticket allows half an hour window to enter the house and does not restrict the time within the house. As you go around, talk to the room guides in each room to discover more about this Tudor gem.  

These tickets are available from Visitor Reception upon arrival on a first come first serve basis. Please be aware that tickets are limited and can sell out on the day so arrive early to avoid disappointment.   

Second-hand bookshop

Open daily from 12pm our bookshop is located inside the house near the chapel on the ground floor. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the shop is stocked with a wide variety of genres as well as a selection of CDs and assorted 'hidden gems'. Do pop in for a browse when you explore the house. All proceeds go towards our roof project. Thank you.

A conservator examines a 1780s waistcoat at The Vyne
A photo of a conservator examining a 1780s waistcoat at The Vyne
A conservator examines a 1780s waistcoat at The Vyne

Conservation at The Vyne

We are now open all year round, which means that conservation work can no longer be carried out during the closed season.  This gives you the opportunity to see conservation in action when you visit. 

You will have an opportunity to talk to the staff and volunteers as they work to find out what it takes to keep this  family home functioning and how its collection is looked after. At times part of the collection may be covered up and access to some rooms restricted.