Tree planting with Origins

Planting a tree sapling in the ground.

With the goal of planting one million trees by the end of 2020, on 26 February skincare brand Origins helped The Vyne to reinstate part of an 18th-century avenue of oak trees in the north parkland. This project contributes towards the National Trust’s target to plant 20 million trees in the next decade.

Safeguarding the rarest form of habitat found in Europe
A single mature oak tree can support more than 1000 different species at any one time. Sadly, the numbers of ancient and ‘veteran’ trees is steadily declining worldwide, and so are the many species that depend on them.

To help reverse this decline, on 26 February, Origins and the team at The Vyne reinstated part of a historic avenue of oak trees known as the ‘Parkland Avenue’, once an important feature of the designed landscape which dates back to the 18th Century. 

Carbon neutral by 2030 
The National Trust is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and our founding principles of providing and protecting green space for public benefit has never been more relevant. We are attempting to reverse the decline of nature, by providing homes for wildlife and have an ambitious plan to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Planting 20 million trees 
One way we will do this is by planting 20 million trees covering 18,000 hectares of land (an area roughly the site of Nottingham) across England, Northern Ireland and Wales in the next decade. Our work with Origins is helping contribute to this ambition.