Explore with the residents of The Weir Garden

view of the River Wye

Find out who Monty is, what does he keep loosing? and who are Will, Bill and Gill?

Come and take part in our family trail, The Weir on the river. Find out who Monty, Will, Bill and Gill are aswell as meet many of there other friends here.

Collect a prize they have left you when you completed the trail.

Family visitors on a trail at Kedleston Hall
Family joining in a trail at Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire

Have you discovered the natural play area? Collect your 50 Things to do book from our shop or kiosk, remember to pick up stickers when you’ve completed activities here too.

Want to tick of Number 3, camp out in the wild, join us at The Weir Garden as we go camping.

Get stuck in to the 50 Things list at our wild camp
Boy running football in campsite as part of the 50 Things campaign