Hunt for mini-beasts at The Weir Garden

A close up of a spider on a web

Mini-beasts, bugs and creepy crawlies are all interchangeable names used to describe the enormous number of smallish life forms we find scuttling, oozing, flying and crawling throughout the garden.

A haven for creepy crawlies 

When you visit The Weir Garden, don’t forget there is a whole other world upon the woodland floor, beneath rocks and within the walled garden on the fresh green leaves. Why not take a closer look and see what you can spot as you get closer? 

All sorts of interesting creatures can be found here
A dragonfly resting in the garden
All sorts of interesting creatures can be found here

Mini-beasts you might spot here

See if you can spot a mini-beast out of each category when you visit.

  • Millipedes and Centipedes try lifting rocks in the garden to try and spot these Myriapods. As you probably know they have many legs but not quite hundreds as their names suggests!

  • Arachnids-or spiders as they’re more commonly known. You can look for spiders almost anywhere in the garden. Don’t be scared-spiders may be predators but that does not mean they are invincible, they have many predators of their own.

  • Insects this large group includes butterflies, dragonflies, bees, crickets, ants, bugs and beetles. Not all insects have wings but many do. Take a closer look at their antennae, this clever ‘feelers’ not only feel and touch but are sensitive to smell, taste and vibration. 


Our most popular mini-beast here at the garden must be the butterfly. We have a huge variety of butterflies and moths which visitors love to spot and if they’re really quick even snap a photograph.

A close up of a spotty caterpillar on a leaf

All of these tiny creatures help the garden in one way or another. It’s quite easy to forget the fascinating world of mini-beasts when in such a large space, but if you remember to take a closer look next time you visit, you might just spot something incredible.