Pick up a lanyard and discover our stories

The lanyards at The Weir Garden

Last year, our teams of staff and volunteers at The Weir Garden joined forces and created three informational lanyards for our visitors to carry around and learn about the garden during their visit.

Our visitors had quite often mentioned they would love to know more about the garden and history of The Weir Garden upon their visit. The site itself was once a Roman settlement, that’s a lot of history from then until now. Our main issue was all this history and information would mean a lot of interpretation and we were pretty confident our visitors would not want to see sign after sign in this beautiful location, detracting from the natural beauty and nature.

The gardens full of pink flowers

The answer came in the form of informational booklets. A light, waterproof book, bounded by a lanyard in which our visitors could carry around with them on their visit, reading information as they wished and avoiding ‘spamming’ the gardens with signage.

There are three lanyards available; explore, discover and learn.

Pick up a lanyard when you next visit
The three lanyards hung on the wall at The Weir Garden
Pick up a lanyard when you next visit

These are full of interesting facts and information about The Weir Garden. Make sure you pick one (or even all three!) up on your visit and discover why the National Trust decided to take on The Weir Garden, the conservation work that has been carried out here as well as the names and faces behind the gardens.