Everything you need to know about your visit to The Weir Garden

The wooden bridge and spring garden at The Weir

At The Weir Garden we aim to provide a safe environment for our visitors to experience our beautiful garden. Find out everything you need to know before visiting.



If you’ve visited The Weir garden previously then things might be a little different when you visit as we’ve changed things around a little to help staff, volunteers and the general public stay safe.

Currently, we are only admitting visitors in with pre-booked tickets, you can book your time slot here. Please to bring a confirmation of your booking with you as well as your membership card if you have one. When you arrive at The Weir, as you park-up you’ll notice a small welcome hut near the gardens entrance, please head here first so we can check you in, the member of staff will remain behind a glass window at all times.

The Weir Garden is situated on a steep bank which drops down to the River Wye. The walled garden is a short walk from the riverside garden and access is across a grassy track. The walled garden itself is on a slight slope with gravelled pathways. Please bear in mind The Weir is a small garden with very limited access although we will do our utmost to accommodate all visitors. Access to the garden is free to National Trust members but non-members will be charged a temporarily reduced fee whilst some facilities are closed, please note we do not take payment on site but tickets for non-members can be purchased online using the booking system. Tickets for non-members are £5 per adult, £2.50 per child or family tickets are avaliable to purchase for £12.50 or £7.50 for a one-adult family. 

The broad curve of the river Wye
The Weir garden river banks
The broad curve of the river Wye

The first change you’ll notice is we’ve created a one-way route around the garden, starting along the top path and circuiting through the lower garden and through to the walled garden. Not only will this keep people a safe distance apart, but it’ll enable you to take in the best views and sights of the 1920s riverside garden.

Intersecting pathways within the garden have mostly been closed-off to avoid having to cross-over on narrow pathways, enabling everyone to keep a safe distance. Signs are out in the garden to notify which pathways are closed and if you like, you can download a map onto your phone by using the QR code on the poster displayed on the Visitor Reception hut. To view a current map of the garden with all safety information before you visit simply click on the ‘view map’ tab on the homepage.

Our policy on dogs

Regrettably, apart from guidance dogs, we do not admit entrance for dogs into The Weir Garden. This tough decision came after a thorough check of the grounds and a conclusion of the tight winding pathways so close to the river and many steep steps may prove difficult for visitors who are afraid of dogs as well as wanting to make the garden a safe place for smaller children.

Alternatively there are other dog-friendly National Trust places in Herefordshire; Croft Castle, Berrington Hall and Brockhampton. These places allow dogs in their grounds but we suggest you check their dog-walking policies before you visit.


  • There is just the one toilet block on site which is situated near the tea-tent, this includes an all-access toilet. 
  • The all access toilet has a support bar either side. There is also a baby changing area in here but no hoist.
  • The toilet block is lit with automatic lights which switch on when the door is opened. They also receive a good amount of natural light too.
  • All WCs on site have automatic handryers. 
The gardens border the picturesque river Wye
The broad curve of the river Wye
The gardens border the picturesque river Wye

For the time being we’ve decided to shut the second-hand bookshop and tea-tent. The toilet facilities remain open with a one-in, one-out policy, these will be cleaned and checked several times throughout the days but please do remember to sanitise your hands before and after use, you can find sanitiser in each WC, we also suggest you pop a mask on when inside the facility. We’ve also taken the decision to temporarily close the natural play area to avoid any cross-contamination or gatherings.

Throughout late winter the snowdrops carpet the banks of the River Wye, there are over twenty varieties planted up here in the garden including giant, dwarf and double-headed varieties. From late January onwards the daffodils also create a wonderful display as they litter the woodland floor and beyond, a sign that spring is well on the way.

Meadow daffodils at The Weir Garden
Daffodils on the meadow
Meadow daffodils at The Weir Garden

As you exit the garden through the gateway on the right of the Welcome Kiosk you can head across the car park to the walled garden. Again, there’s a one-way system in here, just follow the signs and exit through the door in the wall.


The garden

  • There is a one-way route which circles the entire riverside garden, this route is rather steep and tree roots naturally protrude through the pathways.
  • The pathways are mostly hard earth and stone.
  • The walled garden is on a slope, making wheelchair access a little difficult.
  • We advise all visitors to wear suitable footwear whilst walking the garden, walking boots or trainers would be ideal.
Follow meandering paths around the springtime garden
A path through the rockery in spring
Follow meandering paths around the springtime garden

Although things are a little different at the moment, the garden still has its usual flora and fauna, why not come along and reconnect with nature during these difficult times? Please don’t forget to book first and most importantly if you’re not local please do not travel to The Weir until restrictions are eased, for the time being we are only able to welcome visitors local to the garden. We can’t wait to welcome you back.