Spring wildlife at The Weir

Daffodils on the banks of the Wye

Swathes of daffodils and clumps of woodland crocus produce enough nectar to encourage early-rising bees from hibernation. As the season progresses, more wildlife is attracted to the vast number of flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees which sit along the River Wye.

Early spring brings carpets of daffodils to the garden, come along and enjoy wonderful views of the river surrounded by hundreds of brilliant yellow bobbing heads. There are many varieties of daffodil planted here, the first appearing around late January and as they come to an end the later-blooming varieties such as the 'Pheasant's Eye' start making an appearance.

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk the winding paths of the garden as baby rabbits and mice dart around, blink and you’ll miss them. Down the far end of the garden the aroma of wild garlic fills the air and look up to see the rook colony; you’ll hear them before you see them.

Spot and smell wild garlic in the garden in spring
A close up of wild garlic
Spot and smell wild garlic in the garden in spring

Take a look over the wall at the waterfowl on the river. Lots of mute swans visit The Weir, thirty were once counted in one spot but you’d be very lucky to see that many during your visit! Mallards, goosanders and tufted ducks are just some examples of what you might see passing by on the river. In the trees, keep your eyes peeled for jays, woodpeckers and songbirds, seventy species of bird have been recorded here so you’re sure to see a few.

We often get very large flocks of mute swans at The Weir
Swans on the river Wye
We often get very large flocks of mute swans at The Weir

Butterflies begin visiting the garden around late March, hungry for nectar after a long hibernation. The riverside garden attracts many species of bee and butterflies as wildflowers and meadow grass are left to grow; these are invaluable food sources. The walled garden provides herbs such as chive plants, lavender and rosemary as well as hundreds of tulip plants in late spring, around May. 

The Weir Garden is the perfect spot for a wildlife walk this spring with all the sights and song from nature, it’s sure to lift your spirits.