Summer wildlife at The Weir Garden

An Adonis blue butterfly

From June onwards the garden is alive with all sorts of wildlife. There is so much to see now the weather’s warmer and the days are longer. Join us in the garden and see what you can spot whilst here.

Butterflies and beasties

The garden is a haven for bees, butterflies and mini-beasts; we plant a large variety of wildlife-encouraging flowers as well as leaving large parts of the garden natural with all sorts of wildflowers and long grass. Occasionally, the trees in the garden will need a branch removing or will need work doing; we will leave the bark where it drops as long as it is safe to do so as this creates an excellent habitat for mini-beasts. Inside the walled garden the herbs and shrubs encourage hundreds of bees, we even have our own hives here and sometimes sell honey on site. This year the garden has hosted hundreds of tent caterpillars; an incredible sight which will quite often stop visitors in their tracks.

Tent moths and their webs in the garden
Eerie looking 'tent' moth webs in a tree in the garden
Tent moths and their webs in the garden


All the insects the garden encourage many bird varieties in summer. Current surveys have shown we have over seventy species of birds visit the garden. Over the summer, many of the birds will be feeding young; you can see them in the garden collecting worms and bugs as well as seeds from the feeders.  Birds of prey circle the wider fields; if you’re lucky you may spot a buzzard, red kite or sparrowhawk hunting. On the river see mallards, mute swans and goosanders daily and keep your eyes peeled for more unusual birds passing through.


The Weir consists of many small winding pathways; as you wander around keep your eyes peeled for scurrying rabbits and mice. Don’t forget to look up in the trees for darting squirrels; you’ll quite often hear them before you see them.  We have also had otters visit the boathouse over the years; these elusive creatures are rarely seen but sometimes caught on camera very early in the morning.

With so much nature to spot, join us again and again as you look for something new to spot and enjoy creating new memories with loved ones over the long summer days.