Wildlife at The Weir

An otter on the river banks

We manage the gardens in a natural way to create a varied habitat for wildlife in this unspoilt corner of the Wye valley. We host many species from the otters and fish that live in the river to the birds that nest in the gardens.


Our volunteers have spotted over 60 species of birds in the garden, from those that live on the river like swans, cormorants and kingfishers to countryside dwellers like treecreepers, wagtails and at least 4 varieties of finch.  Nearly half of the species come to breed in the area too which is why we are so careful managing the land.  For example, we never cut all of the grass at once to give the woodpeckers plenty of insects to find. 

Green woodpeckers feeding in the grass
Green woodpeckers feeding


There are many species of fish in the river and the garden boasts one of the biggest ever caught on the Wye at over 8ft long.  In 1846 James Postans, a local labourer wrestled with a giant royal sturgeon which he finally managed to land. It was exhibited in the local shop and even made the papers.

The newspaper clipping of the royal sturgeon
Newspaper article from 1846

Obviously we can't guarentee you'll see anything quite that big on your visit but if you sit quietly in our beautiful garden watching the world go by - you never know what might come flying or swimming along.