Explore a historic garden bordering the banks of the River Wye

Come and discover how the 10 acre site has evolved over the years passing through the hands of different families and fashions. The layout you see today is largely due to the improvements made by Roger Parr in the 1920's, with the garden split between the natural riverside garden and the productive walled garden.

The 1920s boathouse at The Weir Garden

Features in the riverside garden

Discover the features that makes the garden predominantly 1920s

Swans on the river Wye

The riverside garden

From spring blooms to autumn leaves, the riverside garden is outstandingly beautiful whatever the season.

Daffodils alongside the river

Spring gardens at The Weir

Discover what spring brings to The Weir Garden from late-blooming daffodils to wild garlic in the woodlands. Refresh your senses with a wander at The Weir soon.

Daffodils on the banks of the Wye

Spring wildlife at The Weir

Why come for a walk alongside the river and see what nature comes to you this Spring at The Weir Garden? From waterfowl to butterflies, nature finds the naturally planted garden quite irresistible.