Our work at The Weir Garden

Find out what the staff and volunteers of The Weir Garden have achieved and created through their hard work and dedication.

A run down door into the walled garden and overgrown grass

Reviving the walled garden

The mammoth task of restoring the walled garden was a project carried out by the team of staff and volunteers at The Weir. Discover the steps taking to revive the forgotten garden, taking it from pre-loved to re-loved.

The Weir Garden glasshouse pre restoration

Cold frame restoration

After lovingly restoring the walled garden the time had come to tackle the neglected early-Victorian cold frames, which we later discovered were cleverly designed to be hot frames.

A swan on the river

The bird hide at The Weir Garden

Swap your television sets for a real-life nature show at The Weir Garden. Who knows what you'll spot? With over seventy birds recorded by volunteers at The Weir, you're likely to spot something interesting whilst here.