Our work at The Weir Garden

Find out what the staff and volunteers of The Weir Garden have achieved and created through their hard work and dedication.

The crumbling paintwork on the wooden frames

We're 'Rooting for Restoration' at The Weir as the glasshouse is in need of repair

The impressive glasshouse in the walled garden is utilised year-round at The Weir from over-wintering dahlias to plump and juicy tomatoes in summer. After many years of being in use, the glasshouse is now in desperate need of repair, a responsibility taken on by the National Trust to help give this wonderful piece of history a secure future.

A run down door into the walled garden and overgrown grass

Reviving the walled garden

The mammoth task of restoring the walled garden was a project carried out by the team of staff and volunteers at The Weir. Discover the steps taking to revive the forgotten garden, taking it from pre-loved to re-loved.

The Weir Garden glasshouse pre restoration

Cold frame restoration

After lovingly restoring the walled garden the time had come to tackle the neglected early-Victorian cold frames, which we later discovered were cleverly designed to be hot frames.

Duck sits overlooking the Weir river.

Protecting nature at The Weir Garden

From mini-beasts to mammals caring for nature is a priority at The Weir Garden. Discover how we garden responsibly making a safe haven for wildlife to thrive.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker on a feeder

The bird hide at The Weir Garden

Swap your television sets for a real-life nature show at The Weir Garden. Who knows what you'll spot? With over seventy birds recorded by volunteers at The Weir, you're likely to spot something interesting whilst here.