Wildlife at The Weir Garden

Sit still and let nature come to you while you're visiting The Weir. The garden is planted to encourage many different species meaning there's always things to spot whilst you're here.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker on a feeder

The bird hide at The Weir Garden

Swap your television sets for a real-life nature show at The Weir Garden. Who knows what you'll spot? With over seventy birds recorded by volunteers at The Weir, you're likely to spot something interesting whilst here.

A close up of a kingfisher flying across the river

Bird life in the garden

The Weir has many perfect spots for sitting and quietly watching passing birds. Over seventy different species of bird have been spotted here by volunteers conducting surveys. The River Wye encourages many types of waterfowl and the natural design of the riverside garden with the carefully planted walled garden creates the perfect environment for feeding and nesting.

Daffodils on the banks of the Wye

Spring wildlife at The Weir

Why come for a walk alongside the river and see what nature comes to you this Spring at The Weir Garden? From waterfowl to butterflies, nature finds the naturally planted garden quite irresistible.