A closer look at the collection at Treasurer’s House

Man staring face to face to an ornamental bust

Treasurer’s House is home to an amazing collection, bought from around the world by wealthy industrialist Frank Green. Stop for a moment to get a closer look at some of these fascinating objects and their stories.

With the help of curator Andrew, we have produced a series of short videos to look a little deeper at the stories behind some parts of the collection. When you next visit, you'll know a little more about what lies beneath, or above, or all around.


Indian influences at Treasurer's House

Take a closer look at the glorious detail on the ivory veneer and sandalwood toilet set from Southern India. You’ll find some surprising little images.


Beneath the banqueting table at Treasurer's House

Discover the secret world of what lies beneath the grand banqueting table in the Great Hall. This is where the more interesting stories of how feasts would have been enjoyed are told.


Decorating with gold at Treasurer's House

Be dazzled by the most opulent space in the house filled with gold. The room was recreated by Frank Green with the Palace of Versailles in Paris in mind.

" There's an extraordinarily diverse collection of artefacts and antiques at Treasurer's, each has their own fascinating story. We wanted to share these stories as well as some unanswered questions."
- Andrew Morrison, Curator, National Trust

The glass chandelier at Treasurer's House

Hear the story behind one of the most wondrous objects in the house, the moulded blown-glass chandelier that shimmers above the William and Mary staircase.

Inspired to find out more? Delve deeper into the stories behind the house, its collection and their original owner Mr Frank Green ...