Learn more about Treasurer's House's Edwardian owner

The Drawing Room of the Treasurer's House, York

Treasurer's House was donated to the National Trust in 1930 by Wakefield industrialist Frank Green.

Purchased in 1897, Frank used the property to house his vast collection of art and antiques. It was the first house given to the National Trust complete with all of its contents, and also included a sunken walled garden.
The Grade 1 listed town house has thirteen rooms each decorated in the style of a different period. He was very precise about how the rooms should look and be kept. His staff were expected to maintain his high standards and visitors can still see the metal studs he placed in the floor to mark the position of furniture in case it was moved.
When Frank gave the house to the National Trust it was under the condition that the rooms would be kept exactly as he intended. If any changes were made, he vowed to return to haunt the building! Since 1930 items in the house have been moved or changed for conservation reasons and some of the spooky occurrences are said to be an angry Frank fulfilling his promise.
Frank and his staff in the garden from around the 1890s
Black and white image of various staff members in front of the house
Frank and his staff in the garden from around the 1890s