Top ten things to see in Treasurer's House

Two women peering into a ship in a glass case

Frank Green amassed an eclectic collection of furnishings and art during his time as owner of Treasurer’s House. Each representing moments of history, often with stories of their own to share.

Kneehole writing desk

In the Blue Drawing Room, the boulle marquetry kneehole desk from 1710 is attributed to Nicolas Sageot. A master of boulle work who has several pieces displayed in the Palace of Versailles, the Royal Palace in Stockholm and the Victoria and Albert museum. The top is brass inlaid in tortoiseshell and depicts scenes from a performance of the Comédie-Italienne


The glass chandelier at Treasurer's House

Hear the story behind one of the most wondrous objects in the house, the moulded blown-glass chandelier that shimmers above the William and Mary staircase.


Model of a Napoleonic gunship

A model of a 132 gun ship-of-the-line is displayed in the Court Room. This three-decked battleship is believed to have been made by French prisoners at the time of the Napoleonic Wars (1803-15), probably from a combination of bone and whalebone.

" There's an extraordinarily diverse collection of artefacts and antiques at Treasurer's, each has their own fascinating story. We want to share these stories as well as some unanswered questions."
- Andrew Morrison, Curator, National Trust

Queen Anne period bedspread

Displayed within the King's Room is a quilted linen Queen Anne period bedspread, with fine woollen, multicoloured crewelwork embroidery. The central design includes a cornucopia surrounded by floral borders, with butterflies and insects.

Decorating with gold at Treasurer's House

Be dazzled by the most opulent space in the house filled with gold. The room was recreated by Frank Green with the Palace of Versailles in Paris in mind.

French Louis XIV-style bracket clock

In Princess Victoria's bedroom is a French clock from the 18th century which shows the tide times and the phases of the moon. The clock is surmounted by a figure of Fame blowing her trumpet.

Lantern-style pendulum clock

A giant 13 foot long pendulum was added to this brass lantern clock, only 24 years after the Dutch discovery that pendulums were the regulator of clocks. Dating to 1670, it hangs in the Minstrel’s Gallery above the Great Hall. At the top of the click is a bell covered by a brass dome surmounted by a winged putto. 


Beneath the banqueting table at Treasurer's House

Discover the secret world of what lies beneath the grand banqueting table in the Great Hall. This is where the more interesting stories of how feasts would have been enjoyed are told.

Frank Green's dressing case

Located in the South Dressing Room is Frank Green's luxurious travelling dressing case. It has a mirror inside the lid, a drop-down front, a rear section for bottles and a front section of four hinged trays and two drawers, all lined with blue velvet.

Indian influences at Treasurer's House

Take a closer look at the glorious detail on the ivory veneer and sandalwood toilet set from Southern India. You’ll find some surprising little images.


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