Greater mobility with the all-terrain Tramper at Trengwainton

Family with man on a Tramper

Everybody can enjoy the sea views from the top of the garden thanks to the all-terrain Tramper which is available to hire. It’s been supplied by our friends at the not-for-profit organisation Countryside Mobility.

What makes a Tramper different from other wheelchairs

The Tramper is an electric all-terrain mobility scooter designed specifically to cover rough ground and grass safely. It can go up and down slopes, over bumps and tree roots, through shallow puddles, mud and soft ground.

Who can use it?

The Tramper is for use by anyone who struggles with walking long distances; you don’t have to be disabled to use it. With a top speed of four miles an hour it can keep pace with the briskest walking companion.

How to hire the Tramper

To use the Tramper you’ll need to become a member of Countryside Mobility. This costs £10.00 per year or £2.50 for a two week ‘taster membership’. We can sign you up on site, but we need you to read the medical and health information and terms and conditions of use (opens as a PDF) before getting here as well as watch the 'How to use a tramper' video on the Countryside Mobility website.

Booking is essential

Booking the Tramper in advance is essential for use, so please either call us on: 01736 363148 (option 2) or email: (allowing a minimum of 3 working days) to make a booking. 

Please be aware that all Tramper users (or their companion) must be in possession of a working mobile phone in case of difficulties.

Benefits of membership of Countryside Mobility

Once you’ve signed up for Countryside Mobility membership this then allows you access to around 50 Countryside Mobility sites in South West England – and they’re hoping to add even more.