Join in the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts at Trengwainton Garden

Children running near daffodils

This Easter, will you be a worker bee or a queen bee? Create a buzz by following Bunny’s bee trail around the garden, collect all sorts of fun facts to fill your hive and win a Cadbury chocolate prize.

Bees are our friends

We think bees are beeautiful and a force to bee reckoned with. We really appreciate all their hard work in pollinating the fruit and vegetables in the walled kitchen garden and without them we’d bee in a fix.

They’re the bee’s knees

As you swarm around the garden you can discover some of their favourite plants, how they make honey and the dangers they face. If truth bee told, we think by the end of the trail you’ll have a bee in your bonnet about how amazing they are.

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder

Around Easter time the garden is a hive of activity as the rhododendrons and azaleas come into bloom, and there might even bee some bluebells by then.

There are winding wooded paths and giant tree fern 'jungles,’ ponds and streams to explore and at the top of the garden there’s a wide open terrace where younger busy bees can run and play and worker bees can rest and take in the sea view.

There’s no sting in this tale

After you’ve filled-in your hive sheet with the answers to the questions Bunny’s asked along his bee trail, hand it to one of the team and they’ll give you a Cadbury chocolate treat. Don’t worry if you can’t eat dairy as there’ll be an alternative (non-confectionary) prize instead so don’t buzz off without one.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts are £2.50 per child and take place at Trengwainton Garden 10.30-4 from 7-22 April (closed Fridays and Saturdays except Good Friday).