Join in the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts at Trengwainton Garden

2018 Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt logo

This Easter, you’ve two weeks for the family to have fun with the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts at Trengwainton. Hunt for Bunny’s clues in a garden where spring is bursting out all over, and finish your adventure with a delicious chocolate treat.

Meet Bunny’s friends

Bunny’s made lots of friends in the garden with the creatures that live there and he wants to tell you all about them.

They come in all shapes and sizes and burrow, crawl and fly around this place that they call home. He’ll show you the spots where they like to hang out and where you might find them in the garden.

Go on an adventure

As you hunt out Bunny’s clues about his friends, you can hop along winding wooded paths and scamper through giant tree fern 'jungles.’ You can peer into ponds and streams and he's even hidden some clues in a walled garden that’s the size of Noah's Ark.

At the top of the garden, the Terrace is a great place for little legs to run and older legs to rest and take in the sea view.

Flowers as well as fun

The Easter holidays are a great time for a garden adventure because spring is usually well on its way by then. If the weather stays mild there could be lots of colour from the magnolias, rhododendrons and camellias – there might even be some bluebells.

Finally, the chocolate

After you’ve found all of Bunny’s clues about his friends and answered the questions on his hunt map, hand it to one of the team and they’ll give you a Cadbury chocolate treat in return.

If you can’t eat dairy then don’t worry, there’ll be an alternative (non confectionary) prize instead so no one misses out on Bunny’s fun.