Summertime at Trengwainton

White hydrangea backlit by the sun

Trengwainton is a garden of contrasts, with winding, intimate paths as well as wide open spaces. Here are some of our favourite areas to visit during the summer.

The view from the Terrace

Sea view from the Terrace
Sea view from the Terrace at Trengwainton

There are panoramic views across the turquoise waters of Mount’s Bay from the Terrace. On a clear day you can see the full 25 miles to the Lizard peninsula. With seats for contemplation and a large grassy expanse, you could bring a picnic and stay awhile.

The walled kitchen garden

Overview of the walled kitchen garden
Overview of the sections of the walled kitchen garden at Trengwainton

Each of the five walled sections has its own unique character, as did Sir Rose Price who built the kitchen garden to the dimensions of Noah’s Ark. Fruit and vegetables are grown using organic principles and companion planting with flowers is also used to encourage beneficial insects, making for some great photo opportunities.

The Orchard

Looking across the orchard at Trengwainton
Looking across the orchard at Trengwainton Garden in Cornwall

A wide grassy expanse that’s bordered on two sides by brick walls that are 200 years old. As well as the apple trees growing here, there’s also a colourful hedge of succulents, a large ginko biloba and a restored Victorian bee house containing live bee colonies.

Giant tree fern glades

Giant tree ferns
The giant tree ferns at Trengwainton

Descended from some of Earth's oldest plants and originating from Tasmania, giant tree ferns bring to mind both lush tropics and an ancient past. Standing beneath them you can feel dwarfed by their huge fronds.

The Upper Pond

The upper pond
The upper pond at Trengwainton

The seat at the Upper Pond offers a place for quiet reflection while gazing at the elegantly curved bridge in front of you. Reminiscent of a scene from a painting by Monet, it’s surrounded by striking architectural plants from China, North America and Tasmania.