The scarecrows at Trengwainton

Two pirate scarecrows in the kitchen garden at Trengwainton

Well shiver me timbers, summer brings the welcome return of the scarecrows to Trengwainton's walled kitchen garden, but this year's pirate-themed brigade are a very motley crew.

Who are these scallywags?

To name just a few, there's Floppy Loppy Philip and Salty Sam perched on top of one of the sloping beds drinking rum and looking three sheets to the wind. Elsewhere, Jelly Nine Fingers and Red Ruby are engaged in a sword fight.
You have to feel sorry for poor Fisherman Pete who's clearly got on the wrong side of this band of buccaneers and he's being made to walk the plank.

Is anyone in charge?

One-Eyed Bob is the coxswain and is standing at the wheel in order to steer the ship, but Captain Scarlet is too busy searching for treasure along with Fat Jack in the pumpkin patch. 
They'll find plenty of gold there in a few month's time, but it'll be the gold of Jack O' Lantern pumpkins, not the booty they're hoping for.

Who's responsible for these salty seadogs?

They were conscripted onto the good ship Trengwainton by local artist John Keys and knocked into shape by children from St Mary’s and St Maddern’s C of E schools. 
For such excellent seamanship, the children will be given free den building sessions by the garden team in the autumn as a 'thank you.'

How long will the pirates be sailing in these waters?

They'll be serving on board till the garden closes at the end of October and you can vote for your favourite till the end of August. We'll announce the winner soon afterwards on our Twitter and Facebook pages.
So there's plenty of time to make sure you don't scuttle your chances of some yo ho ho. Weigh anchor and climb aboard while the winds are set fair and you can say 'Ahoy matey!' to this fearsome crew.