Trengwainton Lantern walk tickets have sold out for 2019

Candlelit white withy and tissue paper lanterns

Tickets for Trengwainton’s annual Lantern Walk went on sale on 1 October and demand meant they sold out within two weeks. If you weren’t able to secure tickets, please don’t turn up on the night as you won’t be able to gain entry without one.

The conservation of the garden

There were a number of reasons why we moved to ticketing the Lantern Walk and first of these was the conservation of the garden. Increasing numbers have meant the orchard has suffered badly in previous years and in 2017 it was left a sea of mud.

It took over three months to recover, so we need to limit the footfall to make sure the orchard isn’t left irreparably damaged.

Keeping the magic of the event

Without limiting the numbers, the Lantern Walk has also been in danger of becoming one long shuffling queue for those who come along. We’ve moved to ticketing the event to preserve the wonderful atmosphere on the nights and ensure it retains its magic.

Consideration for our neighbours

Finally, traffic on the Lantern Walk nights has been a problem despite the provision of a free shuttle bus from our friends at First Kernow. The narrow roads in Heamoor and Madron have become clogged with cars, so in consideration for our neighbours this was a further reason to limit the tickets.