Visiting the house at Tyntesfield

Due to the January lockdown, the house at Tyntesfield must remain closed.

Please note that due to the latest Coronovirus restrictions, the house will remain closed until further notice.

The doors were closed and the windows shuttered for the longest period since the Trust took on Tyntesfield in 2002 in the first, and subsequent lockdowns. 

A skeleton team of staff have been caring for the collection throughout lockdown. Their daily tasks include vacuuming the miles of corridors, dusting fire and security sensors, controlling pests and ensuring the house and collection are kept in best possible condition, ready for the day we reopen to visitors again. 

A taste of the house

Visitors walking through the cloisters at Tyntesfield

The cloister

After you step through the ornately carved porch (look out for plants still found on the estate), you step through the cloister, with a peek into the hall and ornately carved wooden armoires.

The library

The Library

With thousands of books, Tyntesfield's library would be the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. The family used to love to put on plays in the bay window at the end.

The ante room at Tyntesfield

The Ante Room

An otherwise seemingly unassuming room, the Ante Room is home to one of Tyntesfield's finest paintings, The Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini.

Visitors in the oratory

The Oratory

The Oratory was used for the family's religious services until the purpose built chapel was created.

A view of Tyntesfield house from the estate's parkland in spring

Garden Lobby

As you leave through the back door of the house, look out for the extensive collection of 17th and 18th century Chinese ceramics. Steep stairs? These were to be used by servants rather than the family.

" I feel quite confident in saying that there is now no other Victorian country house which so richly represents its age as Tyntesfield."
- Mark Girouard in 'The Victorian Country House'

A Victorian Gothic home

After buying Tyntes Place for his growing family in 1844, William Gibbs went about making it his own. He remodelled the exterior of the simple regency house into the Gothic extravaganza that exists today and had the interiors richly decorated and furnished by the country's leading craftsmen.

Each of the following three generations left their mark on Tyntesfield, adding to what had been done before and incorporating the latest advances in technology to create a family home that was comfortable and efficient.

Early misty morning on the Holly Walk at Tyntesfield, Somerset

Visiting Tyntesfield: what you need to know

In line with government guidance, the grounds at Tyntesfield are open for daily exercise. Here's what to expect, and more information on what's open.

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